Club Fearless was founded in 2014 by a former US Army Airborne Ranger who wanted to create the “coolest, craziest, most bad ass adventure club” on the planet.

To become a member, you must successfully accomplish a minimum of 13 tests or “dares” from our official list of over 100. 

After you have completed 13 tests, you earn the right to wear the infamous “Skull and Bones” patch, carry the secret coin, display the club sticker on your vehicle or fly the Club flag. 

When you see someone else wearing or displaying the Skull and Bones, you will feel an instant connection and camaraderie that goes beyond words. 

Club Fearless is NOT another “lifestyle brand”. It’s a real community of people who love adventure and like to get out of the “comfort zone” on a regular basis. 

At Club Fearless, respect is not given, it’s earned. We don’t give out participation trophies. To see if you qualify for membership, CLICK HERE.