Club Fearless Dare #9 Tandem SkydivingWHO ARE WE?


Club Fearless is for rebels, risk takers, adventurers and leaders.

We believe that WHO YOU ARE cannot be defined by what brand you wear, what music you listen to, or what car you drive.

We believe that who you are is defined by what you DO.

We believe that just because you are “Alive” it doesn’t mean you are really LIVING. And we believe that living in fear is not living at all.


The skull reminds us to live everyday as if we might not live to see another sunset.

Without hesitation, without procrastination, without regrets, without compromise, WITHOUT FEAR.

The 13 symbolizes 13 “Dares” you must do before you can wear the Skull and Bones patch.

We call ourselves “SKULLS” because it reminds us that by accepting we are not immortal we finally become free to fully live life.

OUR GOAL: One Million “SKULLS” by January 1ST 2016




CLUB FEARLESS was founded by a former US Army Airborne Ranger who saw the profound life changes that come by willingly facing your ultimate fears.

But something more… he saw the value of being REWARDED for it.

Every Special Forces group has a special “mark” or insignia that is given to those who pass the required tests and trials which symbolizes entry and acceptance into an inner circle of elite warriors.

In the same way anyone can join Club Fearless by doing one simple”dare” from our official list, But you must EARN THE RIGHT to wear the SKULL and BONES and BLACK DIAMOND patches.

Challenge your friends and have fun earning your patches together.




Sharing extreme experiences together has an effect of  forming “Deep Lifetime Bonds” very quickly. Any fireman who has rushed into a burning building to save another person’s life knows this. Any soldier who has risked his own life to protect another knows this.

CLUB FEARLESS is a rapidly growing community of amazing men and women from all walks of life who share TWO common obsessions: We love to do things that push us out of our comfort zone in ways that most people would consider to be a little bit crazy. And we love to hang out with other people that normal society might deem a bit “extreme”.

 Being FEARLESS has always been a state of mind, a way of life, a philosophy  …NOW IT IS A TRIBE.

We DARE YOU to join us!




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